Inspiration from Lake Houses August 29, 2017 – Posted in: Uncategorized

This summer we took a trip to the pacific Northwest to visit friends. We started in Seattle and then got whisked off to a little lake house on the Olympic Pennisula. It was wonderful to spend some more time with my friend Alena of Calliope jewelry and her partner. And I finally learned the delights of lake houses! This little hut didn’t have running water, so no flushing toilet either, and minimal space inside. But it wasn’t a bother because the view of the lake gave me the feeling of infinite space. It was so easy for me to fall into that dreamy state of peace looking at the water.

Bye Washington, you are amazing. @calliopejewelry

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Since we’ve gotten home I’ve been obsessing over buying our own little lake cabin. And wondering if it’s possible to capture that peace in a work of jewelry? I like making things that bring more meaning and expression into life. I’m not interested in jewelry that tells the world how much money you have or what your social status is. I would like to make jewelry that allows you to look beyond all that and see what is really important in your life. I hope I figure out how to do it someday.